Power Beaded Bracelets

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The Design: Mesmerizing beads of shiny hematite, black obsidian, and tiger’s eye make a dramatic statement in versatile colors of gray, black, and golden brown. The Triple Power Protection Bracelet combines the power of three natural stones to pack a protective punch. Magnetic hematite is grounding and can help with feelings of calm and safety, strengthening you in mind and body while balancing energy. Volcanic black obsidian is among the most protective of stones, shielding you from negative energy. Beautiful tiger’s eye is a stone of prosperity and good luck, radiating positive energy to keep negativity away and increase willpower.

The Details: Made by hand, highly polished, all-natural stone beads are strung on durable and stretchy nylon cording for a comfortable fit.  This bracelet is sure to become a favorite accessory and healing tool.

  • Size: 19 cm, with 8mm beads
  • All natural beads of hematite, obsidian, and tiger’s eye
  •  Gift bag included